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Air Messenger Mobile’s interface is clean and uncluttered. Since this is a simple pager-messaging tool, Air Messenger Mobile is easy to use and suitable for anyone who’s still rocking a pager. While it’s hard to imagine pagers still being used widely, the developers behind Air Messenger Mobile did perfect this program during the 1990s and it’s still a solid tool to use today.


Setting up Air Messenger Mobile only takes a few moments. Users simply have to enter pager destination information, write out a quick message (remember, this is pager-based, so longer messages don’t apply), and click the send button. Once a message has been sent, this tool will alert the user as to the message’s status. If you are going to use a pager messenger tool, Air Messenger Mobile isn’t a bad option.

Main Function

As mentioned above, the main purpose of Air Messenger Mobile is to send and receive pager text messages. This program is free of any malware or other bugs and it works exactly as described. In a matter of moments after initial download, you will be able to send and receive pager-based text messages continuously.

Extra Features

The one extra feature that this tool comes with is “client mode.” Client mode allows the sending of a message to connect directly to an office line, which will make sending and receiving messages from an office quick and simple.


As with most pager tools, Air Messenger Mobile is somewhat dated, which makes the $74.95 price tag a bit hard to swallow.

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Reviewed by Alan Vega
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